I have quoted a section of my book “Stories to Tell’ about a young boy and his quest for a little ‘Bravodo.’

The lack of empathy between us, is of great concern, to the majority of mankind. If each of us, has the courage to stay strong to who we are and want to become, we may just create a better World. We are not born to hate. 

“Scared of the dark, frightened of other people. He was even scared of himself, because he was afraid what was to become of him. He could not ask for any help because he was afraid of appearing foolish to other people. What to do?

He lived like this for another six months or so and then decided to speak to his teacher. He liked his new teacher.

She did not make fun when he was unable to read aloud in class. She just did not ask, so allowing him to relax and enjoy the lesson.

He loved the stories of brave men and women who cared nothing for their safety or their lives. Until one day, little ones, teacher explained a principal behind one of the stories. The characters were afraid; they just did not show it. 

Bravado – was this strength missing from his make up? 

Pondering on this defect brought a lot of laughter from him. He could find no defect. He had all his body parts as far as he was aware. Nothing missing. Must have misheard. 

So he plucked up his courage and spoke to the teacher.

‘Miss,’ said the boy. ‘Can you see if I am missing Bravado?’ The teacher took her time and gave me a thorough looking over.

‘Turn around,’ she said. ‘Um, no I can see no Bravodo missing. Have you lost it this morning or a few days ago?’ ‘I feel I was never born with any,’ said the boy. ‘Oh everybody has a little Bravodo,’ said the teacher. ‘Do I?’ said the boy. ‘Let me look again.’ Closer and closer she looked behind my ears. 

‘Oh, here it is,’ said the teacher. ‘Just tucked in and unable to unfurl itself.’ I could feel it move. Oh the wonder of it. Always there, just not able to show itself.

Next lesson teacher called out my name. ‘Tom, your turn to read now.’

I stood up, no buterflies this time. And, dear little ones, I read. My Bravado was just waiting for the right time to show itself. Today was my right time.

Until next time. Carolyn Evita 

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