Niagara Falls 



Niagara Falls



I have been to visit Canada by train, returned to New York for a few days and then flew back to Australia since my last post.

While in Canada I spent some time at Niagara Falls. I have always wanted to see these falls and they were as wonderful as I had hoped.  The water was pristine and there was a rainbow over the falls. It was very bright and clear. While I was looking at the water I thought about all the children in the world who have no access to clean water. There are those of us who waste water and those of us who conserve and treasure our water sources. Who are you going to be? Try your best to be one that conserves water and gives it the respect it deserves. Recycling water for the garden is a good place to start and then as you grow you can think of other methods of conservation.

Also, we need to keep our water clean and free from pollutants. Industrial pollution is the major concern – from animals, chemical processes and plastics.

So, if you want to help, ask if you can redirect the water from the washing machine onto the garden especially if you live on a septic tank system. Replacing the shower head for a limiting shower-head, rainwater tanks and not washing cars near drains. It is a place to start and hopefully will help you understand the importance of water recycling.

Keeping our water clean is a top priority for our health and well being!

There are many resources available to look for further information about our life giving water.




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